Drawing from its foundation in the Dominican tradition, Edgewood College places study, reflection, and action for the common good at the center of a liberal arts education. It is in this spirit that the general education program has been designed, to help cultivate the knowledge, skills, commitments and habits of mind necessary for  a rewarding life of personal fulfillment, professional achievement and public service.

Named in recognition of Edgewood’s motto cor ad cor loquitur, Latin for “heart speaks to heart”, the COR Program is the heart of the Edgewood general education program. COR encourages students to examine the connection between learning, beliefs, and actions in order to build a more just and compassionate world.

COR spans students’ entire time at Edgewood College, with three opportunities to participate in the COR curriculum; COR 1, COR 2 and COR 3. At each level of COR, students explore three key questions:

Who am I and who can I become?
What are the needs and opportunities of the world?
What is my role in building a more just and compassionate world?

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